Khamis, Julai 11, 2013

The story of JPA-MARA interview..

Assalamualaikum and good day, peeps! First of all I would like to wish a blessed Ramadhan for all of you! :)
For this post I would like to tell you a little bit on JPA-MARA's interview..are you ready? :) Of course you are...let's go! :D

For those who lived in Selangor, KL and Negeri Sembilan..usually the interview takes place in KPTM Bangi, Selangor..but...I don't where it would be held next'll know it when you're applying it.. :)

Okay...first of's all about appearence...make sure that you have enough sleep so you don't have any of those eyebags or gloomy face or anything related to lack-of-sleep sindromes. It's important for you look and feel fresh on your interview.. :P

Next..the clothing..don't show up with slippers or t-shirt! No! A big no-no for that! On that must have that excecutive look..dress smartly..for the girls..wear bright coloured baju kurung (for muslims) / shirt with black skirts (for non-muslims)..but not too bright okay? Just enough to not make you look all dark and gloomy..

As for the scarf...better to pun on the "tudung bawal"...and use not more that 3 brooches..

For boys...yours are quite easy..just shirt+tie+black make you look more could try to pun on a blazer.. :) But...keep your hair neat and tidy..ok? No long hair or k-pop style or something like that..

Oh yeah! The shoes! Wear black skin shoes..that'll be fine..

from here you can take this as an example on clothing... :) 
(p/s = we're waiting for the interview to's stomach-churning man!! :D)

Okay..take note that for those that applied under JPA-MARA will have to undergo an for those who applied under MARA..they just have to undergo an IQ test.. :)

But still..the clothing is still the same.. :)

And I don't know if they still do this for next always be prepared! :)

check this out!! this is my number..oh yeah! :) lets talk about how the interview happens..the interview has 3 sessions..and all of you will be divided into groups..

There are 2 case-studies...1 in Malay..1 in English and 1 session for interview (the part where you'll be asked questions on blablabla whatever they want to ask..)

  • in this part they will give you a question and you'll be given 30 minutes to discuss..15 minutes to write it on a mahjong paper and 15 minutes to present the answers..
  • sometimes the question can be quite tricky..haha..from this session your confidence and intellect will be out all of your ideas!! :)
The interview
  • in this part they will ask you questions...whether about yourself...or about the current day issues or..anything that they wanted to ask! in this part..if they ask you in English..answer in English..if they ask in Malay..speak in Malay..
  • if they ask you something that you don't know...just speak! just tell them your opinion..or should I say.. "redah je!!" :D

The best thing about this interview can find new friends..and at least you have some experience on interviews...and you can use it when you're finding a job! :)

Well..all the best...for the next post I'll tell about MAINS's interview...well..see ya! :)

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