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MAINS interview..

*kerja gilo sey publish bondo ni malam-malam buto.. :P

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps! For this post I would like to tell you about MAINS's interview..without further due I'll just straight to the story...shall we?? :)

Before that...I would like you to know that MAINS only offer these courses..

1. Medic
  • Two choices of university (Ain Shams and Al-Azhar..both in Cairo)
2. Dentistry
  • LOL..they just start it this year..haha..my PITT-mate and I are the only ones that took up this course..haha.. (yup..we're pioneers of N9 dentistry students..haha.. :P)
  • Only one university..that is Al-Azhar.. :P
3.Islamic Studies
  • For STAM - Egypt (Al-Azhar)
  • For SPM - either in Morocco or Jordan
  • Either these three = dirasat islamiyah, syariah muamalat, usuluddin (not sure if I got this right)
4. Arabic language studies..
  • Also the same as Islamic studies
5. Qiraat
  • only for those that took diploma for hafazan and qiraat at ITQAN or  DARUL QURAN.
Okay..proceed..first of all..to be qualified by MAINS...you'll have to undergo three stages..

1. Psycology test..
  • in this test..you'll be given some handouts..you'll receive two papers (MCQ's and essay)..don't worry..they just wanted to know about yourselves..kind of like "Sidek's Personality Test"..just answer those questions TRUTHFULLY...and just be yourself..express what you think. But..show that you're mature enough to study abroad..ok? :)
  • this is the example for the essay question..
  1. You were about to face your final year examination when suddenly you got a news from your family saying that your loved one just passed away. You wanted to go back home but you didn't get the permission to do so because it will effect Anak Negeri's reputation. What would you do to face this?
(This is an EXAMPLE..okay? Nauzubillahi min zalik! )

*Glossary = MCQ - multiple choice questions (ABCD questions)

2. Fitness test..
  • well..they will not making you do a thousand push ups or something like that..it's fun actually! In this stage you will learn about teamwork..leadership skills..learn to this creatively and critically (or should I say KBKK..hehe..).. I assure you..it would be a blast!! 
some morning exercises.. :)

PVC tower! :)

But remember to bring lots of sports outfit..especially sport shoes..haha..you'll never know what kind of mess you'll be in...literally...

And remember..try to be active in every program..because they will judge you from here.. :)

3. The interview
  • yeah..every scholarship programs must have an interview..right? Haha..in this part..preparation is crucial..I repeat..CRUCIAL!! Prepare yourselves with the lastest issues in Malaysia, around the globe, and everything about the course that you applied. Your knowledge about Islam must be tip top as well.. (akidah, ibadah, etc.). 
  • Oh! Don't forget that in the last minutes of the interview..they will test your Arabic language proficiency..in other words..you'll have to speak in Arabic...haha..good luck!
  • And..watch out for the panel's eyes..they will try to make you feel under pressure and make you lose your words..just face the eyes and speak bravely!! :D
  • Oh! There will be a cameraman recording all of this interviewing process..hahaha!!! All the best! :P

Okay..that's all for the interviews that I've attended..I hope that it will help...see ya! :D

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