Sabtu, Oktober 26, 2013

For the past few weeks..

Assalamualaikum and good day people! :) And so it's almost a month (no's more than one month..pppfftt) since the last time I updated this blog..

Like always..I have the writer's block sindrome..haha...I always wanted to post something..but I ain't got any topic..huhh..

Anyways..this is what happened for the past few weeks..

5 October 2013

Remember my previous post when I said that my fellow PITT-mates and I didn't get to further our studies in Egypt? And so MAINS decided that a meeting should be hold..and they did!

After hours of forums and lectures and speeches..and they decided ..they will send us to Egypt..Alhamdulillah..

They gave these two choices..

1. For those who wanted to continue their studies in ardul kinanah..tafaddol...go ahead!
2. For those who wanted to continue their studies in Malaysia..tafaddol aidhon..they will still sponsoring your studies..but for the place that you wanted to continue your got to find it yourself...mate!

And you could guess which one I chose..haha...

15 October 2013

Our ustaz wrote a status in Facebook which states that the flight might be on 21! And so we're busy preparing stuff..we were like..

"What should we bring?"
"Are there chillies in Egypt?"
"Should we bring anchovies?"
"How many clothes should we bring?" can see how excited we are..

During the "time of preparation"..I've done so many accidents..

1. I accidentally blocked my phone banking account...ohh mann..
2. Unintentionally bent my ATM card.. ==''

My mom was like "I wonder how are you going to take care of yourself  if you broke your own stuff like this,,"..haha.. T_T

It hurts...

17 October 2013

Breaking news! Flight's being postponed to 22nd October due to some issues.

Oh well..we're going anyway!

21 October 2013

Feeling nervous..only a day and I'm off to ardul kinanah..looking at my parents, my siblings, and my two pet cats with a sad feeling..

"I'm going to leave them..even longer than when I was in boarding school..who knows when I'm coming home this time..2015?"

Yes..I'm being dramatic.. ==''''''

But...unfortunately..about 4:15 p.m or so...I got a call..

The flight was delayed..

And was like this -______________________-?

Really..really??? Oh well...

Yes..there's a problem with our visa's...and we might be going on...errr...around this November?

We still don't get any news yet..but I know..everything happens for a reason..bla3.."ada hikmah" and so and so forth...

To forget our disappointments...on the next day...we decided to have a trip to...Wet World, Pedas!!

But's closed on Tuesdays..mehhh..

But we changed our plan..we're going to...


It was a blast!! And Alhamdulillah..we relieved ourselves from all of this sadness..haha..

So...that's all! And pray for us! Aminn... :)

Sabtu, September 21, 2013

Ujian untuk orang berjaya...

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon..youuu!!!! (gaya macam Izzat Roslan :P)

Ujian untuk orang berjaya..itulah ayat yang my beloved cousin..merangkap kepada brother figure saya yang saya panggil "abang" cakap bila saya ceritakan perasaan negatif (sedih, marah, dll) saya..haha..

Masa kali pertama nampak..tak hairan sangat..tapi bila dah banyak kali pula diulang dicakap..saya pun macam..

"Eh? Apa maksudnya ni?"

Jadi saya tanya la beloved cousin saya ni....

"Abang...apa maksud abang.. 'ujian untuk orang berjaya' ? "

Syahadan..abang pun bertanya kepada saya..

"Ujian? Untuk apa diuji?"

Aku terkejut seraya aku berkata.. (sejak bila masuk hikayat malim deman ni woii???)

"Mendalam juga..aisehh...memang kena look deep dalam diri sendiri la kan..."

" knew it..bukan semua kena benda yang sama kan? Menandakan rezeki kita pernah berhenti berharap..pasti ada something yang terbaik menanti kita..cuma...sabarkah kita? Ngeh ngeh... "

Abang boleh berngeh-ngeh lagi..haha...hebatnya abang.. =,=

Sekian itulah cerita saya dan abang saya...sekian terima kasih..lalalala....woha!!!! :P

Rabu, September 18, 2013

اشتقت اليهم فجتا...

Assalamualaikum..selamat sejahtera...dan segala ucapan yang ada tapi malas nak taip sebab banyak sangat...

gambar kumpulan lapangan dakwah...kat desktop..rindu mereka.. T_T

Ok...serius lama sangat tak tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu dalam blog ni..rasa pelik pun ada gak..sebab tatabahasa bukannya elok sangat pun..

Is this acceptable?

bakal-bakal doktor...In syaa Allah... :)

Secara jujurnya..saya masih di sini...menunggu bila MAINS kata boleh sambung belajar...budak-budak Urdun dah terbang dah...20hb ni budak Maghribi...huwaa...bilakah giliran kami pelajar Misr?

masa pelajar urdun fly..cuma ikhwah je yang ada..akhawat tak ada yang hantar sebab fly tengah malam..haha..

Nampaknya pemergian kami ke Misr memang tak dapat la kan buat masa sekarang ni....tahu-tahu saja la kenapa, kan?

kenangan kelas nahu..PITT 2013.. :/

Lepas sekumpulan..sekumpulan lagi yang bakal tinggalkan Malaysia...sobsob...siapa tak sedih bila tengok orang lain dah sambung belajar kita tak sambung-sambung lagi dengan orang bertanya-tanya lagi haaaa????!!!!

Frust ok...frust? Dengan otak berkarat sebab lama tak pakai..haha..choii..kami rindu nak belajar!! Nak pergi Mesir!!!!!!

Tapi..don't worry...kami masih waras..kerana..kami tahu..Allah SWT ialah perancang terbaik..terbaik ok terbaik..

farewell fellow Moroccans!! :)

Walau apapun..bak kata keluarga saya..belajar kat mana-mana pun depends on ourselves...

Tapi hati tetap melayang ke bumi kinanah...

kami warga PITT 2013!!!! :D

Wahai bumi kinanah...aku tetap rindu walau tak pernah menjejakimu...

p/s = segala gambar kredit to the owners..ada yang main ambil..haha..

If mothers come with mute buttons..

Seriously..have you ever feel like this everytime when your mother starts to..

"No! This is not right! It's like this!!! How many times do I have to tell you..blablabla..when will you ever learn....blablabla....look at your friends..look at them..thet are the same age as you and they can do everything right..blablabla.."

And all the lectures and blablablas that you have to listen every time your made some accidents or "unintentionally-but-repititively" mistakes?

Yeah...quite hard though...especially for a slow learner with an overgrown ego like myself... (and how I wish I could be perfect like other girls who can do everything right..huhu.... *put your hands on your shoulders with your eyes rolled up*)

Truthfully, I's quite hard to listen when your ego's kicking's like there are voices in your head saying things..kinda like this..

 "Oh! What is she saying?? Argghhh..I can't stand! Make it stop!! Make it stop!! I'm burningg!!!!"

*please..avoid this impolite behavior.... ==''' that's what I call "an overgrown ego"...

But what I'm trying to say is...

I wonder what would happen if all mothers in the world....stop nagging?  I mean..they would just being idle and being like "that's alright" "okay" "do what you want to do"...or worse..just..being..quiet??


Yup..I think...beacuse..for as long as I's the mother's naggings that make us like "Ohh...we can't do's wrong..." or kinda like "You want to do that??!!Are you nuts??!! We're going to be dead!!" getting nagged doesn't seem so bad after all..even if messes with our teen egos..


What would happen if mothers come out with mute buttons?

I'll let that question for you..for ponder..

Rabu, Julai 24, 2013

Ramadhan reflection for myself (us..)

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps? How's your Ramadhan going? Great? Alhamdulillah..khair.. :) 

Dear we know..Ramadhan is a very special month...which is the best time to repair draw the line to all of our bad habits, behavior..and so on..

But you know what? What have we actually done on this Ramadhan? Are we still with our old self?


I feel the same too when it comes to the word "change"..I admit it's's takes full determination...sometimes I do feel like crying when I think "why?? why am I still the same?? I want to change to a better self..but why I see no difference?? why??" makes me feel down to the ground sometimes..but then I remembered this beautiful verse in the Quran...

 لَا يُكَلِّفُ ٱللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا وُسْعَهَا  
“la yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus’aha” Allah does not burden a person with something more than he can bear...
 (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:286)

Wallahi wa billahi wa tallahi..indeed Allah has given us so many beautiful messages..but we still didn't see it..Allahu...please forgive us...

Yes...I see it now!! There's still hope..we are still in Ramadhan, people!! Please..don't take it for granted... (a reminder for myself too.. =,=)

A friend of mine shared this quote..
If you can't control yourself in Ramadan, you can't control yourself on regular days for sure. 

Okay...wake up call, people....let's go!! :)

فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
So verily, with the hardship, there is relief, (Ash-Sharh 94:5) 

(p/s = Ramadhan kareem everyone! Barakallahu fikum.. :D )

Ahad, Julai 14, 2013

MAINS interview..

*kerja gilo sey publish bondo ni malam-malam buto.. :P

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps! For this post I would like to tell you about MAINS's interview..without further due I'll just straight to the story...shall we?? :)

Before that...I would like you to know that MAINS only offer these courses..

1. Medic
  • Two choices of university (Ain Shams and Al-Azhar..both in Cairo)
2. Dentistry
  • LOL..they just start it this PITT-mate and I are the only ones that took up this course..haha.. (yup..we're pioneers of N9 dentistry students..haha.. :P)
  • Only one university..that is Al-Azhar.. :P
3.Islamic Studies
  • For STAM - Egypt (Al-Azhar)
  • For SPM - either in Morocco or Jordan
  • Either these three = dirasat islamiyah, syariah muamalat, usuluddin (not sure if I got this right)
4. Arabic language studies..
  • Also the same as Islamic studies
5. Qiraat
  • only for those that took diploma for hafazan and qiraat at ITQAN or  DARUL QURAN.
Okay..proceed..first of be qualified by'll have to undergo three stages..

1. Psycology test..
  • in this'll be given some'll receive two papers (MCQ's and essay)..don't worry..they just wanted to know about yourselves..kind of like "Sidek's Personality Test"..just answer those questions TRUTHFULLY...and just be what you think. that you're mature enough to study abroad..ok? :)
  • this is the example for the essay question..
  1. You were about to face your final year examination when suddenly you got a news from your family saying that your loved one just passed away. You wanted to go back home but you didn't get the permission to do so because it will effect Anak Negeri's reputation. What would you do to face this?
(This is an EXAMPLE..okay? Nauzubillahi min zalik! )

*Glossary = MCQ - multiple choice questions (ABCD questions)

2. Fitness test..
  • well..they will not making you do a thousand push ups or something like's fun actually! In this stage you will learn about teamwork..leadership skills..learn to this creatively and critically (or should I say KBKK..hehe..).. I assure would be a blast!! 
some morning exercises.. :)

PVC tower! :)

But remember to bring lots of sports outfit..especially sport'll never know what kind of mess you'll be in...literally...

And remember..try to be active in every program..because they will judge you from here.. :)

3. The interview
  • yeah..every scholarship programs must have an interview..right? this part..preparation is crucial..I repeat..CRUCIAL!! Prepare yourselves with the lastest issues in Malaysia, around the globe, and everything about the course that you applied. Your knowledge about Islam must be tip top as well.. (akidah, ibadah, etc.). 
  • Oh! Don't forget that in the last minutes of the interview..they will test your Arabic language other'll have to speak in Arabic...haha..good luck!
  • out for the panel's eyes..they will try to make you feel under pressure and make you lose your words..just face the eyes and speak bravely!! :D
  • Oh! There will be a cameraman recording all of this interviewing process..hahaha!!! All the best! :P

Okay..that's all for the interviews that I've attended..I hope that it will help...see ya! :D

Khamis, Julai 11, 2013

The story of JPA-MARA interview..

Assalamualaikum and good day, peeps! First of all I would like to wish a blessed Ramadhan for all of you! :)
For this post I would like to tell you a little bit on JPA-MARA's interview..are you ready? :) Of course you are...let's go! :D

For those who lived in Selangor, KL and Negeri Sembilan..usually the interview takes place in KPTM Bangi, Selangor..but...I don't where it would be held next'll know it when you're applying it.. :)

Okay...first of's all about appearence...make sure that you have enough sleep so you don't have any of those eyebags or gloomy face or anything related to lack-of-sleep sindromes. It's important for you look and feel fresh on your interview.. :P

Next..the clothing..don't show up with slippers or t-shirt! No! A big no-no for that! On that must have that excecutive look..dress smartly..for the girls..wear bright coloured baju kurung (for muslims) / shirt with black skirts (for non-muslims)..but not too bright okay? Just enough to not make you look all dark and gloomy..

As for the scarf...better to pun on the "tudung bawal"...and use not more that 3 brooches..

For boys...yours are quite easy..just shirt+tie+black make you look more could try to pun on a blazer.. :) But...keep your hair neat and tidy..ok? No long hair or k-pop style or something like that..

Oh yeah! The shoes! Wear black skin shoes..that'll be fine..

from here you can take this as an example on clothing... :) 
(p/s = we're waiting for the interview to's stomach-churning man!! :D)

Okay..take note that for those that applied under JPA-MARA will have to undergo an for those who applied under MARA..they just have to undergo an IQ test.. :)

But still..the clothing is still the same.. :)

And I don't know if they still do this for next always be prepared! :)

check this out!! this is my number..oh yeah! :) lets talk about how the interview happens..the interview has 3 sessions..and all of you will be divided into groups..

There are 2 case-studies...1 in Malay..1 in English and 1 session for interview (the part where you'll be asked questions on blablabla whatever they want to ask..)

  • in this part they will give you a question and you'll be given 30 minutes to discuss..15 minutes to write it on a mahjong paper and 15 minutes to present the answers..
  • sometimes the question can be quite tricky..haha..from this session your confidence and intellect will be out all of your ideas!! :)
The interview
  • in this part they will ask you questions...whether about yourself...or about the current day issues or..anything that they wanted to ask! in this part..if they ask you in English..answer in English..if they ask in Malay..speak in Malay..
  • if they ask you something that you don't know...just speak! just tell them your opinion..or should I say.. "redah je!!" :D

The best thing about this interview can find new friends..and at least you have some experience on interviews...and you can use it when you're finding a job! :)

Well..all the best...for the next post I'll tell about MAINS's interview...well..see ya! :)

Ahad, Julai 07, 2013

Fake life?

*Note = this post has been kept as a draft for a long, long time... :D
found this interesting quote from an amazing sister Aisyah Shakirah..I really like the way she speaks out her mind...

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you..Alhamdulillah..I've got the chance to write here..
Fake life? Well...before I start to let out all of my thoughts in this post, I would like to tell all of you that I'm just trying to write what's on my mind..

Well...used to do the fake smile when I was about 13/ 14 years take your camera and hold it way up high...above your head and smile with your eyes wide open so that you look cute like in the anime cartoons..sort of..

Well...I does made you look kind of cute....but...a fake kind of cute..why?

Because you only show your face not in a real view..I mean..not the eye-to eye other're not showing your real self! You're faking your look just so you get praises and compliments from other people..but...what's the point of getting compliments when you know it was fake? is crucial for females like is not that important compared to personality. What I'm trying to say is...what's the point of having a pretty face when you're rude to others?

For school is not so important compared to the importance of being an excellent student in school. Trust me, people will respect you more if have the brains! Yeah!! The brains, guys...the brains!! :D

Well, the moral of the story, its not the looks that matters...its the inside that matters (wallaweh!!)..

All right..that all for today..see ya! :D

p/s = but that doesn't mean that you didn't have to care about wearing the proper and CLEAN must look good so people could get a good impression on you! :)

After some moments.. :P

Assalamualaikum and good day, peeps!'s been a lomg time since the last time I posted on this blog (like always....hehe... :P) Because there are so many things to do after receiving my SPM results..

Maybe onwards I'll try to post something about school (study tips, stress managing tips, etc.) or post-SPM stuff (like what to do? how to use your free time?) or about some interviews that I've attended (LOL...I only applied JPA and MAINS..haha..)


Where do I study now? 

Let's just say that I haven't even start yet! Haha...I just finished my preparation that was held by's called Program Intensif Timur Tengah [PITT] at Pusat Dakwah Islamiah, Paroi together with the other 40 students. We stayed there for 1 month and 1 week and we didn't even allowed to go home! Haha..but eventually..PITT is awesome!! We actually have a lot our programs outdoors than indoors (imagine that we only stayed in pusat dakwah on the 2nd and 3rd week! The rest? Well, we're on the road! :D)

I'll tell about it later in syaa Allah..

You got MAINS? Timur Tengah? We're you going? first I would like to say's a blessing form Allah SWT...and in syaa Allah...I will further my studies in the Al-Azhar University in Cairo,Egypt in pray for me..and us PITT students.. :)

Okay...there are so many things to be told..but I can't tell all them in this wait until the next post..ok? :)

p/s = when will I have time to update this thing like the old days.. :(

Sabtu, Mac 30, 2013

What to do? What to say? What to think?

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps! :) How's it going? Its been a loooonnnggggg time since the last time I updated this bloggie.. :)

*You never even bother to look at your blog, Nazif! =,= Sheessh..

Okay..I admit.. I'm really busy with my job as a salesgirl at a hijab shop..haha...I've been working there for 3 months and guess what? I still don't have any interest in fashion..haha..

Anyways..I hope its not too late to say congratulations to all of the former SPM candidates! No matter how your results looked like. My ustazah says that it doesn't matter what you get for SPM..what matters is the barakah (when God pleases you.. :) )

this is the only picture that I have when the SPM result was hands were shaking when I took this picture.... :P 

My result? Well..lets just say I got a B+..the rest? Alhamdulillah...its a blessing from Allah SWT.. :)

Well..after that day.. I have been thinking..what am I going to do next? What do I wanted to be?

Sometimes...thinking about growing up makes me feel like there are butterflies in my stomach...I's because in the real world (where there are no parents & no one to tell you what to do and not to do..we're on our own, man!!) , there are lot of challenges waiting for us..that are wayy harder than during schooldays (boarding school students will know what I mean)..

Not to mention there more and more responsibilities waiting for us..haha.. :P

There's one thing I hope..

I hope that I will find an ukhuwah that will bring me to the sweetness of the deen..that will always remind me when I'm wrong..when I forget who I am as a servant of Allah SWT..

And I matter where I further my studies..I will always have my deen with me... :)

Anyways..all the best for former school students..and lets hope that we can be the ones that are successful in this world and the Hereafter..aaminn!! :)

Rabu, Januari 23, 2013

Baru perasan..hehe..

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua. Bacalah dengan hati dan minda yang terbuka. Jangan ambil hati..ambil jantung pun tak boleh..ok? :P

Dah..masuk topik terus.

Secara jujurnyalah..aku (kali ni nak guna 'aku' boleh? hard feelings ok?)  baru perasan la...bila tengok member-member aku "berpacaran"/"couple"/ dan sewaktu dengannya..mesti clash/putus/break/ seumpama dengannya... 

Okay..yang tu memang tak berapa nak hairan la..sebab selalunya budak-budak sebaya aku / bawah aku memang tahap kematangan masih rendah lagi (aku sendiri pun masih tengok kartun walaupun dah habis sekolah..haha..)

kartun bodoh-bodoh juga aku layan yee...hehe...spongebob tetap terbaik.. :P

Tapi yang aku hairan..kenapa masih ada yang mengharapkan orang yang "dicintai" tu kembali? Sedangkan memang dah terang-terangan "insan" tu dah tak ada hati?? Malah orang yang "dicintai" tu pula sanggup minta kita "gadai maruah" kalau nak kembali bersama dengannya?

Err...sebab aku dah banyak tengok benda-benda macam ni...satu je aku fikir..

Betul juga cakap kakak angkat aku (dah lama tak contact dia)..zaman sekolah tak payah la nak bercintan bagai..cikgu BI aku pun cakap..

"You're brain is so tiny!! You're not ready to go through this love thing!" (lebih kuranglah)

Dan atas sebab tu la hati aku tak terbuka nak ber"cinta" ni..sebab aku takut!!

Betul...zaman sekolah sepaututnya kita ENJOY BETUL-BETUL!!!! Suka ria dengan kawan-kawan (jangan lupa study sudah)..zaman sekolah sepatutnya kita enjoy dengan kawan-kawan, dengan cikgu..dapat result bagus (masalahnya sey ni biaso-biaso jo.. :) ) ..lepak-lepak sambil bincang pasal pelajaran..bukannya kita isi memori persekolahan kita dengan air mata semata-mata KENA TINGGAL DENGAN BUAYAFRIEND dan FAIL SEBAB TAK MAMPU KAWAL EMOSI KETIKA BELAJAR!!

Selalunya orang perempuanlah..diakui..orang perempuan kalau emosi terganggu memang susah nak fokus..kalau barang hilang pun macam nak kiamat rasanya (siapa budak asrama tahu la kot..hehe..)..apa lagi hilang "cinta hati".. (ohh mann..rasa nak facepalm bila tengok ayat aku sendiri.. :P)

*(yang lelaki aku rasa ada yang bersorak kot...NEJ!! (bermaksud "tidak!!!" dalam bahasa denmark).. tak ada kot (husnuzon) :P )

Ok..orang perempuan jangan marah..aku pun perempuan juga..tapi TAK SEMUA MACAM TU OK? Ada je yang pandai kawal perasaan..cuma tu la..agak-agak yang spesies macam aku ni..barang hilang pun rasa macam nak kiamat tu..haha..nasihat aku...tak payah la nak "love story" bagai..

Aku dah study dah..aku perhati je sekeliling aku (aku bukan stalker ok?) memang time sekolah bukan masa yang sesuai nak buat love story ni..sebab bila korang dah nampak dunia luar..hmm..korang akan nampak macam-macam spesies homo sapien..yang mungkin berganda-ganda lagi bagus daripada masa kita sekolah dulu??

Tapi..terpulanglah..aku cakap je..ehehe..dah la...itu saja...sekali lagi aku cakap..jangan ambil hati..ambil jantung pun jangan..ok?

p/s = member pernah tanya bilalah aku nak ada perasaan...haha... (dia kata aku hati batu..sampai hati..sob'sob')
p/s (2) = dah start kerja..haha..memang jarang update juga..walaupun dah tak duduk asrama lagi buat masa ni..haha..