Rabu, September 18, 2013

If mothers come with mute buttons..

Seriously..have you ever feel like this everytime when your mother starts to..

"No! This is not right! It's like this!!! How many times do I have to tell you..blablabla..when will you ever learn....blablabla....look at your friends..look at them..thet are the same age as you and they can do everything right..blablabla.."

And all the lectures and blablablas that you have to listen every time your made some accidents or "unintentionally-but-repititively" mistakes?

Yeah...quite hard though...especially for a slow learner with an overgrown ego like myself... (and how I wish I could be perfect like other girls who can do everything right..huhu.... *put your hands on your shoulders with your eyes rolled up*)

Truthfully, I admit..it's quite hard to listen when your ego's kicking in..it's like there are voices in your head saying things..kinda like this..

 "Oh! What is she saying?? Argghhh..I can't stand! Make it stop!! Make it stop!! I'm burningg!!!!"

*please..avoid this impolite behavior.... =='''

Haha...now that's what I call "an overgrown ego"...

But what I'm trying to say is...

I wonder what would happen if all mothers in the world....stop nagging?  I mean..they would just being idle and being like "that's alright" "okay" "do what you want to do"...or worse..just..being..quiet??


Yup..I think...beacuse..for as long as I live..it's the mother's naggings that make us like "Ohh...we can't do this..it's wrong..." or kinda like "You want to do that??!!Are you nuts??!! We're going to be dead!!"

Okay..so getting nagged doesn't seem so bad after all..even if messes with our teen egos..


What would happen if mothers come out with mute buttons?

I'll let that question for you..for us...to ponder..

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