Sabtu, Mac 30, 2013

What to do? What to say? What to think?

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps! :) How's it going? Its been a loooonnnggggg time since the last time I updated this bloggie.. :)

*You never even bother to look at your blog, Nazif! =,= Sheessh..

Okay..I admit.. I'm really busy with my job as a salesgirl at a hijab shop..haha...I've been working there for 3 months and guess what? I still don't have any interest in fashion..haha..

Anyways..I hope its not too late to say congratulations to all of the former SPM candidates! No matter how your results looked like. My ustazah says that it doesn't matter what you get for SPM..what matters is the barakah (when God pleases you.. :) )

this is the only picture that I have when the SPM result was hands were shaking when I took this picture.... :P 

My result? Well..lets just say I got a B+..the rest? Alhamdulillah...its a blessing from Allah SWT.. :)

Well..after that day.. I have been thinking..what am I going to do next? What do I wanted to be?

Sometimes...thinking about growing up makes me feel like there are butterflies in my stomach...I's because in the real world (where there are no parents & no one to tell you what to do and not to do..we're on our own, man!!) , there are lot of challenges waiting for us..that are wayy harder than during schooldays (boarding school students will know what I mean)..

Not to mention there more and more responsibilities waiting for us..haha.. :P

There's one thing I hope..

I hope that I will find an ukhuwah that will bring me to the sweetness of the deen..that will always remind me when I'm wrong..when I forget who I am as a servant of Allah SWT..

And I matter where I further my studies..I will always have my deen with me... :)

Anyways..all the best for former school students..and lets hope that we can be the ones that are successful in this world and the Hereafter..aaminn!! :)

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