Jumaat, Julai 30, 2010

Ramadhan and PMR trial exam is near!!

Yay! Yay! Alhamdulillah...Ramadhan is coming!! Can't wait until it comes..we will have to fast during the day..and do Tarawikh at night with my father , friends and neighbours at the nearby "surau"  (my mother can't come because she has to look after my little siblings..sorry!! =D)

Oh my!! In the month of Ramadhan....so much wonderful pleasures that Allah SWT give us and it only comes once a year!!! Cool!!!

( OK..Nazifa..don't get too excited..you still have to go to your tuition class at 4.30 p.m every Thursday and Friday for the whole Ramadhan..alright? )

Ok...but..of all the happiness that I have in my heart right now..there is something that makes me so afraid...PMR TRIAL EXAMINATION!!! Argh!! I'm so scared!! I feel like I'm going to explode into pieces!!  Well..especially my beloved English teacher..Mdm.Sharifah Noor Haizam..she expects 9 of my friends and I (well..that makes it 10 students to be exact)..to get A's in English!! Oh my!!

( Nazifa...stay calm..Insyaallah..with your hard work and support from your loved ones..you can do it!! )

For all Form 3 students around Malaysia..I wish you all...best luck for exam!! Hope we'll got better results than the last mid-year exam... =D

(p/s = macam la satu Malaysia ni nak tengok blog kau...jangan perasan la Nazifa oi.... =D )

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Ahmad Nizam Awang berkata...

Salaam Ramadhan wahai Nurul Nazifa. Semoga Allah sentiasa memberkati dan merahmati kita semua

Maafkan andai ada salah dan silap hamba selama ini

Baarokallahu lakum. Jaga diri baik2 sokmo ;)

Nurul Nazifa Azmi berkata...

salam ramadhan juga...aminn...
semoga ibadat kita pada bulan ini diterima Allah SWT.. =D

saya pun nak minta maaf juga andai ada salah silap saya..

jazakallahu khairan! jaga diri juga.. =)