Rabu, Julai 21, 2010

1st attempt....

(OK...this is the 1st time I wrote in English. Well...I just want to test my writing skills. So, if there is any mistakes in this post...I hope you would tell me..ok? Good!! =D)

Ok...so..KKQ test has already end last week..and..Alhamdulillah...I got 50/75 on the objective paper..70% on qiraat....70% on tarannum..and 84% on hafazan..

Hehe..I know what you're thinking..70 % on tarannum means that I have a not-so-good voice right? Alright! I admit it!! =P

But..since KKQ students don't have any classes anymore...we can go home earilier than the usual and we will have more time to do homework and revise for PMR...

Oh no! The trial is 2 weeks away!!  Hope I can improve my results!! Oh..history..maths..please...don't torture me with your difficult questions!!

Well..since we're already done all of our extra credit work..pheww!! Our mind is in at ease...

Now..I can't wait to learn how to bake cakes and biscuits!!! =D

-The End-

(p/s = pray for my success in PMR..and I'll always remember.."bi jiddi wa ijtihad" =D

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