Sabtu, Oktober 26, 2013

For the past few weeks..

Assalamualaikum and good day people! :) And so it's almost a month (no's more than one month..pppfftt) since the last time I updated this blog..

Like always..I have the writer's block sindrome..haha...I always wanted to post something..but I ain't got any topic..huhh..

Anyways..this is what happened for the past few weeks..

5 October 2013

Remember my previous post when I said that my fellow PITT-mates and I didn't get to further our studies in Egypt? And so MAINS decided that a meeting should be hold..and they did!

After hours of forums and lectures and speeches..and they decided ..they will send us to Egypt..Alhamdulillah..

They gave these two choices..

1. For those who wanted to continue their studies in ardul kinanah..tafaddol...go ahead!
2. For those who wanted to continue their studies in Malaysia..tafaddol aidhon..they will still sponsoring your studies..but for the place that you wanted to continue your got to find it yourself...mate!

And you could guess which one I chose..haha...

15 October 2013

Our ustaz wrote a status in Facebook which states that the flight might be on 21! And so we're busy preparing stuff..we were like..

"What should we bring?"
"Are there chillies in Egypt?"
"Should we bring anchovies?"
"How many clothes should we bring?" can see how excited we are..

During the "time of preparation"..I've done so many accidents..

1. I accidentally blocked my phone banking account...ohh mann..
2. Unintentionally bent my ATM card.. ==''

My mom was like "I wonder how are you going to take care of yourself  if you broke your own stuff like this,,"..haha.. T_T

It hurts...

17 October 2013

Breaking news! Flight's being postponed to 22nd October due to some issues.

Oh well..we're going anyway!

21 October 2013

Feeling nervous..only a day and I'm off to ardul kinanah..looking at my parents, my siblings, and my two pet cats with a sad feeling..

"I'm going to leave them..even longer than when I was in boarding school..who knows when I'm coming home this time..2015?"

Yes..I'm being dramatic.. ==''''''

But...unfortunately..about 4:15 p.m or so...I got a call..

The flight was delayed..

And was like this -______________________-?

Really..really??? Oh well...

Yes..there's a problem with our visa's...and we might be going on...errr...around this November?

We still don't get any news yet..but I know..everything happens for a reason..bla3.."ada hikmah" and so and so forth...

To forget our disappointments...on the next day...we decided to have a trip to...Wet World, Pedas!!

But's closed on Tuesdays..mehhh..

But we changed our plan..we're going to...


It was a blast!! And Alhamdulillah..we relieved ourselves from all of this sadness..haha..

So...that's all! And pray for us! Aminn... :)

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