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life of a former high school student

the view from the school's  water tank..haha...you've got to have the guts to climb wayyy up there.. :)

Assalamualaikum and good day to all! Alhamdulillah..I've got the chance to write here again. Well, I thought that I would write in English more often so that my English would be as good as my senpai (Japanese word for "senior") Yasir Zainuddin..wow..he's very good at English! (not to mention he got straight A+ for his SPM..man!! I really want to be like him!!! :D)

*okay..you're exeggerating, nazif!!

Well, its been 3 weeks since I left school, do you know how it feels like?

1st week = FREEDOM!!!
2nd week = I'm bored..
3rd week = DEAD BORED!!

Yup..it is quite boring when you're actually had NOTHING to do..( well..except doing the chores..wow..I really did do something after all...)..so I started to go to driving lessons to get my driving license..well...the 5-hour-lecture REALLY 'kills' me..haha...well...I hope I got 50/50 on the computer exam.. :)

Arabic language class..haha....don't worry, this picture was taken during recess! :)

Usually our mornings (except for the weekends and holidays) are filled with classes, books, and the most important of all, the sound of our teacher's voice, teaching us with full determination and patience. Well, sometimes you might even accidentally slept when your teacher is teaching. (haha.. I did it everytime..ohh man..I hate it!!)

Well..all of these has becoming a memory to me now..for those who are still schooling..enjoy your school life..for you will only have it once it a lifetime.. :) Although all of the homeworks, the books and your teacher's caning (haha...does anyone here had ever been caned? I did...so many times..haha.. *random confession.. :P) really drove you off the wall sometimes..but believe me..all of those will become one of the sweetest memory you ever have.. :)

Oh! One more thing..for those who go to the boarding school..please..appreciate the people around you! Appreciate your dormmates! Don't bully your juniors. Respect your seniors! As for the seniors, treat your juniors with kind and respect, In-sha-Allah..they will treat you the same.. :)

*okay, I'm nagging.am I?

 The "HAMKA Al-Kubra" hall..all that I remembered was seeing some sleepyheads took the chances to take some catnap during the assembly...haha..moments.. :D

Haha..I admit, when I stayed up all night to finish my homework, I would fall asleep during the assembly, even when it was held at the assembly hall!! (Imagine yourself sleeping while you stand up..haha..sounds pretty weird..but it happened to me once..man! That was embarassing! :P)

Well...there is one thing that I learn from that incident, control yourself!! :P

the view of the assembly hall from my class..remembered the old times... :)

trees!! :D

Well..I know you've must be bored..listening to the teachers' talking about stuff..or something happened in your school..or keep telling about "keep the school clean" or "be disciplined!" and stuff like that..but someday..you will know...that those advises..will be the music..running through your mind everytime you're alone..haha..man! I'm acting like a philosopher.. :P

*It seems that the way I'm talking throughtout this post like I had left school for years..but it is only 3WEEKS!!  Man..I'm thinking wayy too far... :P

In other words...

  • althought you feel like you're going to explode when you're doing you're Add.Maths..
  • or getting the "eyebags" due to the lack of sleep..
  • or burst into tears when facing the bad moments..
REMEMBER..that you will always remember all the good times that you have during your schooling era..

Treasure the time you have..and everyone around you... :)

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Cikgu Fikri berkata...

masa tgk gambar tu mula2 td, fiq ingatkan kt UIA..salah rupanya..huhu :)

nurul nazifa berkata...

haha..tu gmbr SBPI Jempol dari atas..hehe.. :)

mcm UIA? wow..hebatnya sekolahku.. :)